Skunk and Badger is a three-book, middle grade series about — yes, you guessed it — a badger and a skunk and a whole lot of chickens. Chickens? you say. There are no chickens in the title. This is true. And, well, it’s awkward since I haven’t told the chickens. Would you mind refraining from mentioning the title the next time you run across a chicken? Thanks!

More Details:

• The deal was announced in Publishers Weekly’s Rights Report 1/28/19. • Happily, it looks like some foreign rights are going to be sold. (More later!) • I’ve tried to write them so they’re fun to read aloud. (You’ll see!)

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Who’s working on Skunk and Badger now?

There are a lot of people working hard to bring these books to you, so I thought I’d provide some additional information. Also, by the time this book is seen in a bookstore many more people will have been working hard on this project. (If you are one of those people — thank you!)


Jon Klassen

Jon is illustrating all three of the Skunk & Badger books. He’s the writer and an illustrator behind the trilogy that begins with I Want My Hat Back and many other books. He’s won both the American Caldecott Medal and the British Kate Greenaway Medal. Find him on Twitter (@burstofbeaden), Tumblr and Instagram. Also, I recommend Sarah Enni’s interview with Jon on the podcast First Draft. (Find it at First Draft, or on iTunes/Episode 183, or on Spotify.) You’re going to love his work!

Elise Howard

Elise is my editor at Algonquin Young Readers. By the way, she’s the founding editor and publisher of Algonquin Young Readers. It’s kind of amazing what she’s doing at AYR. Before joining Algonquin, Elise was senior vice president and associate publisher at HarperCollins Children’s Books. I’ve enjoyed working with her on the first book, and I’m looking forward to the future.

Photo: Jordan Matter

Photo: Jordan Matter


Steven Malk

Steve is my agent. He’s with Writers House. I’m so grateful to him for finding a home for this project. Thanks Steve!

And now, all three of these people — Steve, Elise and Jon — want me to get back to work and write the other two books.