Jane Gardam

I’m a fan of Jane Gardam’s novels. I’ve been working my way through all of them because I absolutely cannot get enough. I’ve got two to go until — sigh — I’m finished: QUEEN OF THE TAMBOURINE, and SUMMER OF THE FUNERAL. But let me say this: I have enjoyed every single one of these books. I don’t often re-read novels but I can see myself re-reading Jane Gardam (and Kate Atkinson and Margaret Atwood, for that matter). Here’s a quote from Jane Gardam’s A LONG WAY TO VERONA. The main character, Jessica Vye, is reading Thomas Hardy’s JUDE THE OBSCURE.

I hope I never read another book so utterly terrible as this. It is a marvelous book, and I didn’t skip any of it, and I read on and on and on; but all the time I was thinking of Thomas Hardy, of the terrible sorrows and sadness of him. It seemed terrible to me that anyone who knew that he was a writer beyond all possible doubt should have not one glimmer, not one trace of happiness in him.

Yes! And that’s why I love reading Jane Gardam — that glimmer is there in her work. Thank you Jane!

A Midwinter Reading

Just got word that I’ll be a featured reader at The Red Lion Pub (2446 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL) on Thursday, February 21.

This is from Keswick, England — The Dog & Gun Pub.

This is from Keswick, England — The Dog & Gun Pub.

Come and join us — it’ll be fun. It’s February and it’s cold and Red Lion Pub is, well, a pub — which means, PERFECT for winter. Think hobbit-like. Think dark, moody, heavy pint glasses with oversize handles. Also: Fish and chips anyone?

This is an event hosted by the Chicago Chapter of Author’s Guild. But my email says everyone — writers and non-writers alike — are welcome. My email also says there’s going to be an open mic, which I guess means bring something to read too.

I’m so glad Authors Guild is getting a chapter going here. What would writers do without them?

Anyway, hope to see you there!