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Original Signers — Hello!

I’ve put your packages in the U.S. snail mail. They went out on Wednesday, May 29th. I think you’ll like them. I had a great time putting them together!

Thanks for writing me back. It was so nice to make contact.



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P.P.S. Skunk & Badger is coming out in 2020 and I’m gearing up. It’s going to be fun ride. The book will be illustrated by Jon Klassen. Even if you don’t know his name, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen his work. It always makes me smile.

A Midwinter Reading

Just got word that I’ll be a featured reader at The Red Lion Pub (2446 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL) on Thursday, February 21.

This is from Keswick, England — The Dog & Gun Pub.

This is from Keswick, England — The Dog & Gun Pub.

Come and join us — it’ll be fun. It’s February and it’s cold and Red Lion Pub is, well, a pub — which means, PERFECT for winter. Think hobbit-like. Think dark, moody, heavy pint glasses with oversize handles. Also: Fish and chips anyone?

This is an event hosted by the Chicago Chapter of Author’s Guild. But my email says everyone — writers and non-writers alike — are welcome. My email also says there’s going to be an open mic, which I guess means bring something to read too.

I’m so glad Authors Guild is getting a chapter going here. What would writers do without them?

Anyway, hope to see you there!