This just in...

A half hour ago, my friend Tish texted this image to me:


“Found this in Elin Hilderbrand’s brand new book,” she texts. It’s on p. 43 in Hilderbrand’s Winter in Paradise.

Hey — what? That sounds like my picture book!


And if it is my book, the next question is this: where exactly is Floyd falling asleep page-wise? Or what’s on page 6 of The Dirty Cowboy? It depends on how you count the pages, but it could be the bathing page. It’s a great page with a sort of natural pause. And honestly, isn’t everyone ready for sleep after a good long bath? I like this Floyd.

I recommend finding yourself a copy of The Dirty Cowboy to see it. It’s quite a page! The book was illustrated by Adam Rex, who does funny gloriously well.

Anyway, that’s pretty fun!