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Original Signers — Hello!

I’ve put your packages in the U.S. snail mail. They went out on Wednesday, May 29th. I think you’ll like them. I had a great time putting them together!

Thanks for writing me back. It was so nice to make contact.



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P.P.S. Skunk & Badger is coming out in 2020 and I’m gearing up. It’s going to be fun ride. The book will be illustrated by Jon Klassen. Even if you don’t know his name, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen his work. It always makes me smile.

Jane Gardam

I’m a fan of Jane Gardam’s novels. I’ve been working my way through all of them because I absolutely cannot get enough. I’ve got two to go until — sigh — I’m finished: QUEEN OF THE TAMBOURINE, and SUMMER OF THE FUNERAL. But let me say this: I have enjoyed every single one of these books. I don’t often re-read novels but I can see myself re-reading Jane Gardam (and Kate Atkinson and Margaret Atwood, for that matter). Here’s a quote from Jane Gardam’s A LONG WAY TO VERONA. The main character, Jessica Vye, is reading Thomas Hardy’s JUDE THE OBSCURE.

I hope I never read another book so utterly terrible as this. It is a marvelous book, and I didn’t skip any of it, and I read on and on and on; but all the time I was thinking of Thomas Hardy, of the terrible sorrows and sadness of him. It seemed terrible to me that anyone who knew that he was a writer beyond all possible doubt should have not one glimmer, not one trace of happiness in him.

Yes! And that’s why I love reading Jane Gardam — that glimmer is there in her work. Thank you Jane!