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"Fans of Captain Underpants rejoice! Here is a hilarious new picture book that will produce laundry loads of laughter."

(Esme' Raji Codell,

With keen determination, a cowboy saddles his horse, packs up a bar of soap, calls for his dog, and sets out on the long journey to the river. Once there, he instructs the dog to guard his clothes while he takes his bath. After washing and scrubbing and lathering and buffing, the cowboy comes clean and wants to get started home. But an unforeseeable obstacle complicates matters when he fixes on retrieving his duds.

The Dirty cowboy begins... 

"At the end of two fence lines and right at the rock known as The Praying Iguana lived a cowboy in a tin-roofed shack. Every morning, he'd call his dog, mount his horse, and spend the day tracking stray longhorn cattle on the New Mexico range. Every evening, he'd stoke his fire and fry up some bacon beans and potatoes while whistling "The Streets of Laredo." 

Now one morning -- and no one knows for sure what drives a man to it -- this cowboy decided to clean himself up. Regular bathers would've said the signs had plenty clear: the cowboy's hair housed thirty-two fleas and a small gray spider. On three recent occasions he'd discovered a tumbleweed in his chaps. A flurry of flies flocked round his body buzzing so persistently that he experienced a distinct loss of hearing in his left ear. And the cowboy's stench stuck to passerby like mud splashed up from a wagon wheel. 

But whatever his reason, on that fateful day, the cowboy picked a doodlebug out of his right eyebrow and said, "This ol' boy needs a bath."

Of course, the bathing does not go as planned...  

Adam Rex illustrated The Dirty Cowboy. 

Want to know more about Adam? 

Is it a true story? My great grandfather said it was. 

But watch the video below and make up your own mind.