sent copyedited book back to Knopf

Sent the copyedited manuscript back to Knopf minutes ago. (It's 4:20P.) I made my marks in blue pencil, next to the copyeditors red pencil, next to the editors regular lead pencil and next to the fact checker's green pencil. (I think that's what the green pencil was...) Then I scanned it onto my computer (oh lovely, lovely,SnapScan -- so glad I purchased you this year) and so I now have a full color version of the copyedited manuscript. It's going to be nice to have. 

The copyediting process this time (as compared to LUCY) was much nicer. With LUCY I had something like 48 hours to turn it around, and I was bleary and incoherent for a couple of days afterward. This time I was able to go through the suggestions at a solid pace, but not push. Really nice! And I loved my copyeditor too -- felt like she understood what I was trying to do. Her suggestions were good. My editor's were too.

I'm feeling a little nauseous. I'm surprised by this. This book has been relatively stress-free. Overall, I haven'tfelt badly. But we human beings are complex things, and it is pretty much the end of my part. Seems like that might cause a little stress. Time to look at other projects -- that's for certain. 

So that's the news. Should have a cover to show you soon. It might even have a tagline... Ha! Yes, just like in those old 1960s, 1970s movie posters. What was Jaws? Something like "Don't swim in the water"? Imagine something like that (I hope)....