public news

Here's what I posted in my weekly letter on September 19th: 

I do have news and it's public. Remember how Joan Slattery bought Pigeon-Shot (my book manuscript) in May? Go here.  

Really? Yes, truly. My new editor has decided to become an agent. I heard a few weeks ago. She called. So nice about it. But sigh. 

Here's what I know: If you're an editor leaving your place in the publishing industry, you're going to leave some books on your desk. No way around it. Those books are Left Behind, as it were. Wish it weren't my book -- that's true. Disappointed? Yes. But, and I mean this, I am happy to be at Knopf. I still think its the right place for this book, and (I hope) me as a writer.  I'm waiting to find out which editor will take on my book. My agent has been talking with Knopf and it's going to get worked out very soon, which will be wonderful. I'm sure someone good will be taking it. The editors at these publishing houses are all very good (at least that's been my impression).