my part pretty much done

On April 4, 2012 I FedExed the galley-ed proofs of my books back to the editor.

It's done. Wow. It's ALL done. 

(Except for book promotion -- whatever I decide to do -- when it's published in January 2013.)

Last time I worked on galleys (at Hyperion), I actually got a bound copy (softcover-like). I was given 48 hours to proof them, and I did the work in a fury -- staying up late, the kitchen table spread over with notes, computer, and the copy.

This time -- with Knopf -- I was given two weeks time. (I liked this much better, but it also gave me more time to dwell on things, which I'm not sure is always good.)  And it wasn't bound. This time, it looked like the copywritten manuscript. It seemed like at least two new copyeditor-folks (I'm sure they've got official titles that I don't know) went through it, making the total six or seven or eight people if you count me, and my editor, Allison. (There's probably more. I truly don't know.) I know these folks by their colored pencils (everybody has got a different one). But they all seem to have personalities, and there are entire conversations that go on between them. It's kind of like being invited to a grammarians cocktail party but on the margins and in pencil. 

Has anyone ever written a novel like this? Told between colored pencils and about copyeditors? It could be done. I'd read it! Maybe I should do it . . .

And Knopf sent me the original manuscript. It was covered with their pencil marks (pencil! erasable!). Allison said she had a photocopy, but what if something happened to this one? All these good ideas, good points lost! I would have paid all sorts of money to make sure it got into the proper hands. Didn't have to because the good people at Knopf gave me their FedEx number -- so generously.

Anyway, it's done now. On to other things: I've got an essay to write and an ebook to make and then I've got to keep working on that new middle grade novel I'm working on. AND I'm going to write about food too. 

To celebrate? A burger. And fries. See photos. Oddly, this is the only thing I want when I celebrate books. I always get a burger. Which proves that in the end, I am a carnivore at heart -- a little carnivore, now and again.