manuscript sent in! YAY!

Hi everyone -- 

A quick note: On 2/24/11 I sent the manuscript back in. I think, I think, I think (and hope) the big slog is done. Solved a lot of problems in this one. Think it's starting to read like a book. Big WHOOP and Yay!

I feel pretty good about the draft (an odd thing for me to say), so I feel that asking for the extension was a good thing. Of course, I wish I had met that deadline, but it wasn't for lack of trying -- I'll tell you that.

What's next? Probably one more round with the editor, and a round with the copyeditor. Then I'll be done with this book. 

Wow. Moving along. Feels a bit nutty after so much time working on this story.

Now I'm off to spend a few days in quiet and contemplation, to re-tool. I've been at this draft for 3 solid months of hard work and I need to gain focus again. 


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