What it looks like in ChicagoMy editor from Knopf, Allison Wortsche, came to Chicago for the NCTE Conference (a bunch of English professors, students and teachers) and we met! 

(Yes, yes there should be a photograph of Allison, not a Chicago scene, but I'm shy about asking editors to stand still so I can rig up a photo. I'm already nervous. Why add to it?)

What's Allison like? She's pretty with a happy smile, and she likes to walk. I love people that like to walk.  

We walked for our hour (or so) together. I showed her my secret hangout at the Harold Washington Library. (Not telling.) We went to Sandmeyer's Bookstore, which is in the old publishing district of Chicago -- Printer's Row. A good place to take a book editor, don't you think?

It is great to meet her. It's helpful to be able to visualize there person on the other side of the phone line, to know her body language a little. I liked her. Now I like knowing I like her.  

AND -- also this week -- I got an email from my copyeditor, Iris Broudy. (Yes, I found out who she was!) Remember how much I enjoyed her red pencil? Well, she's just as great as that pencil. Maybe someday I'll meet her face-to-face -- I'd like that.

A good Thanksgiving week for me. I'm thankful for the people who are working on my book!

Next up? Still talking covers (and a possible subtitle) and then I think it'll be galleys, which is when it starts hitting the reviewers.

I think. Don't quote me on this. I've been wrong on the order of things before,