Blurbs Coming In!

I am so, so pleased with this initial response!

And relieved. You have no idea. These are all people who I admire greatly and it was nerve-wracking knowing the book was out there being read by these writers. The fact that they liked it makes me think I did something right. Whew.

So now I am whooping it up. YAY!!! 

Knopf is covering the jacket with them. Here's a first look at the cover: 

(Better look at the blurbs themselves coming soon -- I promise!)

Okay. So that's a little small, teensy-weensy -- dang miniscule.

Or does this have something to do with me needing bifocals? 

My eyesight aside, let's try this, since you guys with smartphones and such can swing these things around, correct? In fact, from what I understand, you LIKE doing that. 

More to come! Big yay!