Holysmokes... One Came Home got a starred review in KIRKUS!


What?!? Wow!

Just got word from my editor at Knopf. Anyway, have to share with all of you first -- you guys have been such believers in my writing. Thank you!

In case you're not familiar with Kirkus: this is the first of the big reviews, and it tends to come earlier than the others.

I confess I have not been thinking about reviews (much). Besides having prodigious powers of denial, this is also because my book is a 2013 book -- out January 8, 2013 -- and so, it doesn't feellike the book should be reviewed yet.

AND it's the time of year for Getting Stuff Done. For instance, here are the questions in my head at this micro-moment in time: Holiday shopping! What stores should Mom and I visit? What am I cooking for Thanksgiving? And tomorrow, for the SCBW-IL Conference, where exactly am I driving -- and doing it RIGHT at the height of rush hour? Will that take, like four hours? Maybe. Load several hours of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on iPod. Check Google.  

But hey, if you're going to be shocked out of your every day life -- shaking your head and thinking 'oh yeah -- Right -- REVIEWS' -- this is a sweet, sweet way to have it happen. Yay!I

Here it is: 

"In 1871, in the small town of Placid, Wis., a sister goes missing and a great adventure begins.

Disconsolate over the end of a promising courtship, Agatha Burkhardt runs off without so much as a goodbye to her younger sister, Georgie. When the sheriff attempts to locate and retrieve Agatha, he brings home not the vibrant sister that Georgie adores, but an unidentifiable body wearing Agatha’s ball gown. Alone in her belief that the body is not her sister’s, Georgie sneaks away in the dead of night, determined to retrace Agatha’s steps in order to solve the mystery of her disappearance and, she hopes, to bring her home. ... The truly memorable characters and setting—particularly descriptions of the incredible phenomenon of passenger-pigeon nesting and migration—and the gradual unraveling of the mystery of Agatha’s disappearance make this one hard to put down. The icing on the cake, though, is Georgie’s narration, which is fresh, laugh-out-loud funny and an absolute delight to read.

Georgie's story will capture readers' imaginations with the very first sentences and then hold them hostage until the final page is turned."


Wow. Stunned. I'm really stunned . . .